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Meet the People behind Fab-Tech, Inc: Our Team

About Fab-Tech, Inc.

The success of any company is dependent on its workforce.  From dedicated office professionals to our skilled and motivated craftspeople, Fab-Tech's success can be attributed to our efficient team environment             

The hard work of our team has earned Fab-Tech the distinction as one of the most responsive and innovative companies in the metal fabrication industry and the clear distinction as the market leader in corrosive fume exhaust systems. In order to exceed our customers’ expectations Fab-Tech has assembled the finest forming, fabricating, welding and coating facilities, totaling over 79,000 square feet. Our high standards of excellence and award-winning employee training programs have enabled this success-oriented team to continually strive for improvement in product innovation and customer service. 

Formed in 1987, Fab-Tech began as a small company involved with miscellaneous metal forming manufacturing as well as producing several standard products.  In 1989 the company acquired its first manufacturing facility and began purchasing equipment.   

The same year brought IBM facility engineers to Fab-Tech looking for a solution to problems with their corrosive fume exhaust system.  IBM was familiar with our creative and innovative approach to problem solving and they challenged us to develop a reliable, cost effective, easy to install, fire and corrosion resistant fume exhaust system which would also meet the requirements of their insurance company’s loss prevention requirements.

Fab-Tech engineers immediately began development of "Coated Duct"; a product thought impossible at the time. Fab-Tech developed a process to "apply a thin layer of fluoropolymer to stainless steel".  The fluoropolymer coating provides excellent resistance to attack by chemicals and solvents which can cause rapid deterioration of other plastics and all but the most costly metal alloys.  And in 1993 the solution that Fab-Tech provided to IBM as PermaShield Pipe (PSP®) has been used by almost every major semiconductor manufacturer around the world.

We are dedicated to complete customer service and work closely with contractors, engineers and end-users to assure that the finished product is consistent with the customers design. Constantly aware of valuable lead-time and the need for minimizing installation delays, Fab-Tech is capable of round-the-clock manufacturing and quick turn-around in emergency situations. 

Additionally, we can provide installation training to assist our customers, plus a full engineering staff to evaluate and design your custom fabrications.  We are constantly striving for new and better ways to serve our customers, from initial order to final installation.

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