The PSP-EZ Clamp System

PSP-EZ Clamp product offeringsPSP® also provides for even faster and easier installation with the PSP-EZ™ option.  When you specify EZ for a system joint, companion angle rings with multiple fasteners are replaced with a single fastener and band style clamp.  This joining system provides safe, reliable joints without sacrificing flexibility or integrity.  PSP-EZ™ products are available from 2" (50mm) up to 14” (450mm) diameter sizes. 

The EZ-Camp system is FM 4922 approved and is ideal for tool hook-up and drain line use. The combination of half round backing rings and the unique angled clamp band provides excellent clamping force with the added benefit of ease of installation.

Installation time of a PSP® system using EZ- clamps is significantly reduced. The EZ-Clamp system is the most labor efficient, high performance duct system available. PSP installations use half of the labor of FRP system installations, and unlike FRP and "glued" plastic systems, there is no need for grinding, sanding, prep work or the use of malodorous epoxies and heating blankets, which especially important in the cleanroom setting. Using the EZ-Clamp joining system can save an additional 40% labor over other PSP® joining systems. EZ- clamp duct and fittings have the ability to be field modified (shortened, add nozzles or drain ports) and the stainless steel exterior will never need painting.



EZ Clamp  fittings